Red Pillowcases




My money turned into Red Pillowcases.   These pictures don’t do this fabric justice.   The shade of red is more cherry then what you see.   It was like at first sight when I gazed my eyes on this fabric.   Then finding out it was 50% off at the cash it was love, love, love.

I will be pulling out these pillowcases during Christmas, on Valentines day or on hot summer days we had all of last week.

Have a Kreative Summer!!!

Kreativityinprogress 🙂


Matchy Matchy Pillowcases





My money turned into Matchy, Matchy pillowcases.  I bought this fabric because I found that these colours matched pretty well with the ones I had just finished and blogged about.   The Christmas Pillowcases.    Having both prints so similar in colour all I would need was solid red pillowcases and that is what I did.   Two Christmas Pillowcases, Two Matchy Matchy Pillowcases and two Red Pillowcases and a Merry Christmas to all.

Kreativityinprogress 🙂

Christmas Pillowcase




My money turned into Christmas fabric.  I know you must be thinking to yourself what Christmas but it’s summer?   Yes I know it isn’t Christmas however it is the best time to buy Christmas fabric for dirt cheap.    I got a bunch of fabric for 50% off and 75% off.  So why not sew Christmas pillows in the summer.

Throw in some red pillowcases in the mix and any room will sing Christmas.    I have been mixing solid colours and prints lately and if you haven’t tried it you should.   I have eight pillows in my living room and usually alternate one colour for every print I finish.    I try to pick a colour that is in my print as my solid colour.    It looks great and the best part is that by using solid colours they can be reused when combining them with other prints.

Have a wonderful summer!!

Kreativityinprogress 🙂

For that Guy who Loves Numbers Pillowcase




My money turned into a Ruler Pillowcase. A pillowcase for that Guy in your life who is a mathematical genius or just someone who is thrilled with numbers.   I actually paid full price for this fabric because it was so unique and so perfect for my guy.

Brown, blue and black seem to be staples in any man’s life.  I knew this brown fabric would be perfect for my next set of pillowcases.  I had already sewn a set of blue pillowcases but had yet to find another fabric that would be great for a guy until I found this one.

For me personally I am not attracted to brown in general, however I was tempted to keep these pillowcases for myself once they were done.  Why?  Well because I loved the uniqueness of the ruler pattern.  Something I had never seen before at my local fabric store.   I love fabrics that are playful.  This fabric was a great find.  Something that I knew I would not see again for a long time.   Flower fabrics are common, this was uncommon and I had to have it.     I did however give over my pillowcases to my guy.  Didn’t keep them for myself.   I am sure I will find another playful pattern for myself one day.    Looking forward to going on the hunt for it soon.  Until next time keep sewing!!!

Kreativity in Progress  🙂

Christmas Pillow cover




My money turned into a couple of Christmas Pillowcases.  I finished these before Christmas but haven’t had a chance to upload them until now.

Got a fabulous deal at a fabric sale I went to just before Christmas and started sewing.   These compliment the Cardinal pillowcase covers that I previously posted.    I purchased them at the same time and had them out at Christmas time.   Wow what a stunning pair.    Together they are a great addition to Christmas decorations around the house.    I love them!!!

I am so happy with these prints and hope these Christmas designs inspire you to get started on your own.  It’s a very cheap way to add a little Christmas decoration to your home.

Kreativityinprogress  🙂

Cardinal Envelope Pillow Cover





My money turned into a couple of Cardinal Envelope Pillow Covers.   I just learned how to sew envelope pillow covers from a you tube video for the first time.    Woo Hoo!!!   I am sewing like the wind now.   They are super fast to kreate once you get the measurements accurate.   I love to redecorate but just don’t have the time being a stay at home mommy.    Envelope pillows are excellent for me.

I even scored this Christmas Cardinal fabric for a steal at 50% off.    Cheaper then buying it in the stores.   Hooray!!!

I’ve got a ton more fabric for these projects.  Can’t wait to share them with all of you.

Kreativityinprogress 🙂

Buggy Boy’s Pillowcase



My money turned into a couple of pillowcases for my toddler.    My little boy has a love for bugs of all kinds.   I thought this bug, frog and lizard fabric was fabulous and I snatched it up quickly.     Wonderfully colourful and bright.     I also loved the light green fabric with numbers all over.  It was the perfect colour to accent the buggy nature of the pillow.    What a great find.     Fun and whimsical for any boy.

KreativityinProgress 🙂